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          THE INTERNATIONAL - Celebrating 30 years!
                                     A Short History

Black Tie Club International was formed by Robert Gregson in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 1990, with 18 Members wiith the objective of promoting good fellowship, excellent cuisine, and fine wines. Other Chapters began to form in other major cosmopolitan areas, and there are now 17 Chapters with almost 1000 Members.  This makes the Black Tie Club International one of the  largest LGBT organizations in North American history.  Robert Gregson was succeeded in 2006 by Len Olds who served as International President until 2018. The current International President, Gary Dougan is actively planning a further expansion of Chapters. 

Every Chapter hosts at least two black tie cocktail parties and dinners per year. All Members receive an invitation to their own events. And if Members of other Chapters are traveling in an area in which an event is being held, they may also attend. Each year one Chapter and the International jointly host an annual event, nicknamed the 'Convergence' which is usually a four-day affair to which all Members are invited.















International President Gary Dougan and Husband Charlie Priest 



The Black Tie Club International has jointly hosted the following annual events:

1996 ~ Puerto Rico

1997 ~ Seattle

1998 ~ Puerto Rico

1999 ~ San Miguel, Mexico

2000 ~ Palm Springs

2001 ~ Fort Lauderdale

2002 ~ Washington, D.C.

2003 ~ Las Vegas

2004 ~ New Orleans

2005 ~ San Francisco

2006 ~  New York City

2007 ~ Toronto

2008 ~ Dallas

2009 ~ Palm Springs

2010 ~ Rehoboth Beach-Lewes

2011 ~ Palm Beach

2012 ~ San Diego-Laguna Beach

2013 ~ San Antonio

2014 ~ New Orleans

2015 ~ Albuquerque

2016 ~ Fort Lauderdale

2017 ~ Washington, D.C.

2018 ~ Los Angeles

2019 ~ Rochester-Finger Lakes

2020 ~ Black Tie Club Annual Convergence cancelled due to Covid-19 Pandemic.

2021 ~ Phoenix-Scottsdale

2022 ~ Atlanta

2023 ~ Dallas

The Black Tie Club International will join with the following Chapter hosts for our annual events in:

2024 ~ Toronto

2025 ~ San Francisco

International President Gary Dougan and First Gentleman Charlie Priest
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